We will be offering Hydroseeding, Lawn Care and Snow Plowing services in the Helena Montana area starting spring of 2020.

Hydroseeding Helena Montana

Our history

A brief history about us and what makes us different. We started landscaping in 2006 with the intention of offering high quality installation services in a professional environment. This business model has been a huge success for us and we have decided to expand our business to other areas of the Northwest.

Starting spring of 2020 we will be opening a location in Helena Montana that initially will be offering Hydroseeding, Snow Plowing and Deicing. The Helena Montana location will more then likely expand to landscaping installs as well. This location will be directly managed by one of the owners to ensure that quality and customer service remains the focus.

We will also offer commercial and residential lawn care services in the Helena Montana area. We use professional equipment and all employees are professionally trained by one of the owners to make sure that they are doing a fantastic job for our customers.

Hydroseeding Helena Montana

Hydroseeding is a process using a specialized machine to apply a mixture of water, seed, fertilizer, mulch, and powdered glue. When the slurry is mixed it adds nutrients to the seed and begins the germination process. Then the hydroseed slurry is applied to the soils surface and it creates a protected environment for the seed to flourish.

The next step is for the seed to get the proper water, sunlight, and temperature.  This is where an irrigation system is ideal to mimic nature. You can also water by hand but you will need to make sure that the soil is watered at the right times and the right amount.

Our hydroseed technicians that are being trained for the Helena location are trained on irrigation installation and maintenance and we will be able to adjust your timer and also recognize any situations that may need to be addressed. Obviously if you have a landscape company then we will will refer you to them to address whatever needs to be taken care of.

The cost of professionally hydroseeded lawn is approximately 85% less than the price of a professionally installed sodded lawn. A hydroseeded lawn is less susceptible to disease than a sodded lawn. Larger lawn areas is where the relatively low cost of hydroseeding becomes extremely practical compared to sod.

Details of Hydroseeding

There are a few things to address with Hydroseeding in the Helena Montana area.

The number 1 reason that hydroseeding or sod has issues is lack of water. We will provide you with written instructions on best practices for the health of your lawn.

You absolutely will have weeds. Helena is full of farm fields and wind! These conditions are a perfect mix that ensures weed seeds are present in your soil. Even if you have soil brought in there is a very good chance that this also contains weed seed.

The seed that we use for hydroseeding is tested to ensure that no weed seed is present. When we apply the mixture of seed and nutrients this is exactly what the weed seed in your soil need to wake up.

After 3-4 mowings a quick treatment for broadleaf weeds will take care of the majority of weeds. As the lawn gets more thick this will ensure that weeds are choked out by the lawn

Lawn Care in Helena Montana

We will be offering professional lawn care in the Helena Montana and surrounding areas. As route density is important for any lawn care company we will determine where the need exists and open those areas up. After our market research we believe that Helena proper, North Helena, and East Helena are where our routes will end up but we are still trying to solidify this.

Snow Plowing in helena montana

Our plow drivers have experience in Snow Removal in one of the heaviest snow areas in the Northwest. They also have years of experience in Ice Control and Deicing. This experience ensures that you will receive fantastic service to help keep you and your customers safe during the frigid cold that the area experiences.

Visit our Helena MT Lawn Care Page

We look forward to working with you and once we get up and running we will update this page with our contact information for the Helena location so that you can be in direct contact with the owner that will be responsible for your area.