View of Sandpoint Idaho

Landscaping cost in Sandpoint Idaho

We believe in transparent pricing and business practices. We have decided to focus on quality work and quality projects. With the exception of government projects we do not “bid” on projects. To “bid” on a project implies that a contractor will present the lowest price for consideration. To “win” a project based on a bid means that the contractor will try to complete the project as fast as possible and with the least amount of materials required and this is a recipe for poor results.

Landscaping is a luxury service and we provide a luxury product. This means that when we are finished we will feel confident that our work will look absolutely fantastic and will photograph just as well. We want you to be extremely happy and proud of the work we have completed on your property.

A lot of successful service industry companies are moving to the hourly pricing structure. We have 2 different pricing structures that work best for the type and quality of work that we do.

  1. Hourly– Our hourly pricing structure allows you to hire us with the knowledge ahead of time of what each labor hour costs as well as the cost for skid steers, excavators, dump trucks and more. Even though our hourly costs may be equal to or even slightly higher then other folks our install experience allows us to complete the same amount of work faster and higher quality then most.
  2. Budget– Sometimes people have a set budget they would like to use for a landscaping project. In this case we will give you an idea of what we can complete within your budget.

Landscaping companies have one of the highest business failure rates and the way that we have chosen to do business is a win win for clients and for us. Clients get the best experience because we are not trying to complete a project as inexpensive as possible and we are ensured that payroll and overhead can be met that allows us to be around for years to come. Bid projects are ALWAYS more expensive then hourly projects. When a company bids on a project they have to add between 20-30% to ensure that they can cover any unknown problems that arise.

As we are confident that our quality of work speaks for itself we would rather not participate in projects that are looking for the lowest budget. Our favorite projects are ones that no matter the size allow us to be proud of what we have completed and when we enjoy what we are doing the results are the best they can be!

Our crews are usually scheduled out for several months and on occasion we will not accept new projects if we feel that we can not get to them in a timely manner so please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a site visit. You will not be disappointed!