What is Professional Lawn Care in Sandpoint Idaho

Lawn Care Sandpoint Idaho

What makes a Lawn Care or Landscaping company Professional? This is a question that we get asked often. To us a professional company of any kind has YOUR best interest in mind. Lawn Care has a low barrier to entry and tends to attract a wide variety of people.

We at On Track Lawn Care and Landscaping provide the following for YOUR best interests.

  • Registered Idaho Contractor to preserve YOUR right to recourse with the State
  • Nursery License to ensure YOUR plants are installed legally
  • General Liability insurance to protect YOUR property
  • Workman’s Compensation to protect YOUR home owners insurance
  • Professional Equipment, Training, and Experience to protect YOUR investment
  • Trucks that are clean with business decals and employees that wear uniforms to represent YOUR property in a positive way

Lawn Mowing Sandpoint Idaho

Our “Full Service” Lawn Care package ensures that your property is always in the best condition it can be. We offer all of our Sandpoint area Lawn Care customers spring lawn sprinkler turn ons, Fall irrigation blow outs, flower bed maintenance, Fertilizing, Sprinkler repairs and adjustments, landscape installs and more. These extra services that we offer set us apart from a lot of the strictly lawn care companies and show that we have YOUR best interests in mind.

Not all customers elect to have us do everything that we offer but you will have PEACE OF MIND knowing you are just one phone call away from taking care of anything you need on your property.

Give us a call at 208-597-3377 to set up a site visit to discuss your lawn mowing and maintenance needs.

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