Landscape Construction, Excavating, and Snow Plowing in Sandpoint Idaho

Landscape Construction, Excavating, and Snow Plowing in Sandpoint Idaho

Landscape Construction, Excavating, and Snow Plowing in Sandpoint Idaho

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We have developed On Track Lawn and Landscape Inc to be able to handle all aspects of your landscaping project in the Sandpoint area in house. We not only have skid steers and excavators to handle the machine work but we also have a hydroseeding crew, curbing crew, and irrigation crew. There is no reason to wait for multiple companies to find time in their schedule when we can handle everything landscape related for you. Give us a call at 208-597-3377.

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Sandpoint Excavation

Excavating Sandpoint Idaho

Having started landscaping in 2006 in North Idaho we have been hired to complete projects of all sizes including landscaping and hydroseeding in Sandpoint, Sagle, Coeur D’ Alene, Bonners Ferry, Blanchard, Kalispell, Bonner County, Kootenai County and pretty much every town in between in the Idaho Panhandle and Helena Montana. We are proud to be a member of the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce.


Landscaping in Hope Idaho

It takes a large investment to be able to provide the services that we offer. Not only do we provide workmen’s compensation and commercial auto and general liability protection for your home or business but we also own skid steers, excavators, curbing equipment, dump trailers, snow plows, sanding and deicing units, dump trucks, and more.

Dump Truck Sandpoint Idaho

Skid Steer Sandpoint Idaho

We have become the go to General Contractor (RCE-53877) (Nursery license 8696) for complex projects that require a variety of skill sets.

Landscaping, Excavating, hydroseeding and Snow Plowing in Bonner County:

  • Weekly Lawn Care in Sandpoint, Dover, and Sagle area
  • Excavating/Excavation
  • Landscape Design
  • Skid Steer projects
  • Hardscaping
  • Driveway repair
  • Boulder walls
  • Lawn Prep
  • Culvert installs
  • Material placement
  • Water Feature installs
  • Hydroseeding
  • Snow Plowing

Landscaping, Excavating, and Hydroseeding in Sandpoint Idaho

We have worked hard to build a professional landscaping business in Sandpoint and Sagle Idaho. As a professional company that focuses on quality we have brought almost every service in house including hydroseeding, lawn care, skid steer and excavation work and more. This allows us to control projects and provide the best possible outcome. To us a Professional business in the service industry should have clean work trucks, employee uniforms, neat and organized paperwork, and consideration for you and your neighbors.

Excavating near Bull River Montana

We want to make sure that when we pull up to your house that you and your neighbors know that we are there for a legitimate reason and that we will do everything in our power to minimize the disturbance that comes with creating a new landscape. Below are just a few of our work trucks and equipment. Has your landscape or lawn care service provider invested in creating a professional company that you deserve?

Landscaping and Lawn Care truck Sandpoint IdahoLawn Care Truck Sandpoint Idaho

Largest Landscape Company in Sandpoint Idaho

New construction homes need Landscaping in Sandpoint

Are you building a new home in the Sandpoint area? Its rare to find a new construction home with the landscape already finished. If you are having a home built then ask your builder to give us a call and we will work in tandem with them to finish the landscape around the same time that the home is completed. We have a ton of experience working with builders to create a fantastic end product.

Give us a call to see if we can help you with your excavation and landscaping needs. We also have contacts in the area if you are looking for subcontractors in the trades. We have everyone from plumbers, electricians, drywallers, and more.

Beautiful Deck in Sandpoint Idaho
Beautiful Deck in Sandpoint Idaho

Sandpoint Area Landscaping Information

The largest nursery in the Sandpoint area is Ponderay Garden Center. To find out more about landscaping or excavation supplies in the Sandpoint Idaho area or visit them just north of Ponderay on Highway 95.

All Seasons Garden and Floral is also a great place for landscaping supplies. They usually have a huge selection of plants and trees and are located on Highway 200 in Kootenai.

To find out about what is happening at Schweitzer Mountain visit Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort

Next Steps for a Great Landscape in Sandpoint…

Contact us at 208-597-3377 to schedule a site visit.

Landscaping Licensing requirements in the State of Idaho

We maintain the proper licenses and registration for your protection.

Our Nursery license number is 8696

Anyone who engages in, conducts, or carries on the business of propagating, growing, selling, dealing in, or importing into Idaho, for sale or distribution, any nursery or florist stock, or engages in the installation of landscape plants, or acts as an agent, salesman, or solicitor for any nurseryman, florist, landscape contractor, or dealer in nursery or florist stock must first obtain a license to do so from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA).

Idaho Contractor Registration number is RCE-53877

On and after January 1, 2006, it became unlawful for any person, not otherwise exempt (as outlined in the registration act), to engage in contracting, or hold oneself out as a contractor in Idaho without being registered.  It also became unlawful for a contractor to engage another contractor unless such other contractor furnishes proof of being either registered or exempt.  Any person who engages in contracting business or acts as a contractor, whether or not they are registered, is under the jurisdiction of the Idaho Contractors Board. This applies to Landscaping companies, Lawn Care Companies, and basically anyone that works on your home, business, or property unless otherwise exempt.

Lawn Sprinkler System Contractor

Irrigation installs require a State of Idaho Backflow permit. All of our backflow devices are tested by Selkirk Water Services so you have an unbiased 3rd party that verifies our installs are completed to Idaho code.

On Track Lawn Care and Landscaping in Sandpoint is standing by to assist you in whatever you might need, you can call them at 208-597-3377. In addition, if email is more convenient, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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