Landscaping and Lawn Care in Sandpoint Idaho

Landscaping and Lawn Care in Sandpoint Idaho

 Highest Rated Lawn Care and Lanscape Company in Sandpoint Idaho

Sandpoint Idaho’s highest rated landscaping company on Google

“Just beginning my second year with On Track Lawn and Landscape Inc. They provide both lawn care and maintenance in the summer as well as plowing service in the winter for me. They are reliable, courteous, capable and just plain nice. I highly recommend them without reservation.” Wendy M.

In the Sandpoint area you have Excavation companies and you have Landscape companies and a lot of these folks do what they do very well. Then you have On Track Lawn and Landscape Inc who falls in the middle. Experienced Sandpoint Idaho Landscaping companies are few and far between.

We are truly a Landscape Construction Company who utilizes all the equipment, tools and experience that we have developed to provide absolutely amazing, completely custom, large scale, machine heavy landscapes.

Highest Rated Lawn Care and Lanscape Company in Sandpoint Idaho

“Jason, Camille and crew have installed new curbing for us, completed several landscaping projects and do our summer lawn maintenance. We have always received thoughtful ideas, top notch service and the highest quality work!” Dan M.

You see, most excavation companies will dabble a little in landscaping but they try to focus on the machine work and dirt work. While most landscape and lawn care companies stick to more basic installs such as new construction type tract homes and basic dirt work with flower bed installs and they will occasionally do something custom like a water feature or a fire pit.

On Track saw a need for a company that was tooled up like an excavation company but that did the detailed and custom work of a high end landscape company. This niche has helped us grow to handle some of the largest and most custom projects in the Sandpoint Idaho area.

We have developed On Track Lawn and Landscape Inc to be able to handle all aspects of your landscaping project in the Sandpoint area in house. We not only have skid steers and excavators to handle the machine work but we also have a hydroseeding crew, curbing crew, and irrigation crew. There is no reason to wait for multiple companies to find time in their schedule when we can handle everything landscape related for you. Give us a call at 208-597-3377.

View of Sandpoint Idaho 83864

Huge Skid Steer
This is one of the larger skid steers ever made. This allows us to move ALOT of materials in a hurry and lift heavy objects.
Sandpoint Excavation
This is one of our excavators that we run in the Sandpoint Idaho area. This machine is a rubber tracked, enclosed cab machine that weighs about 13K pounds. With the rubber tracks and an experienced operator we can get into places that steel track excavators can not get.
Paver patio Sandpoint Idaho
This is a small part of a large project. This is the hot tub area and when we are finished will have low voltage lighting and lots of plants.









Highest Rated Lawn Care and Lanscape Company in Sandpoint Idaho

This team was outstanding! They helped put in our lawn, sprinkler system, patio foundation, and decorative concrete curbing. They were professional and hard working. Extremely thorough with how and what was being done and finished days ahead. We get a lot of compliments by people walking or driving by. Extremely happy with how everything turned out. Highly recommend! Travis V.

Excavating Sandpoint Idaho

Having started landscaping in 2006 in North Idaho we have been hired to complete projects of all sizes including landscaping and hydroseeding in Sandpoint, Sagle, Coeur D’ Alene, Bonners Ferry, Blanchard, Kalispell, Bonner County, Kootenai County and pretty much every town in between in the Idaho Panhandle and Helena Montana. We are proud to be a member of the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce.


Landscaping in Hope Idaho
This is our largest excavator that has rubber tracks. All of our machines larger then this have steel tracks. This excavator weighs about 18K pounds and can lift boulders that weigh in excess of 4k pounds. We are often hired to create custom rock walls in the Sandpoint Idaho area.
Pavers in Sandpoint Idaho
We like to show potential clients pictures of work in progress. Anyone can dress up a landscape to make it look good in pictures but if you see projects during different phases of completion you can see the detail that goes into our jobsites. If you look closely you will notice that we laid fake grass over the dirt area to help keep the clients dog clean until we had a chance to install irrigation in that area and get it hydroseeded.

It takes a large investment to be able to provide the services that we offer. Not only do we provide workmen’s compensation and commercial auto and general liability protection for your home or business but we also own skid steers, excavators, curbing equipment, dump trailers, snow plows, sanding and deicing units, dump trucks, and more.

Dump Truck Sandpoint Idaho

Pavers in Sagle Idaho
We often take photos while our paver crews are doing the actual install. For some reason looking at our work in pictures makes it easier to see imperfections then looking at the whole field of pavers. I was surprised to see that these lines were as crispy as could be and did not need enough adjustment to matter.

 Highest Rated Lawn Care and Lanscape Company in Sandpoint Idaho

“Highly recommend On Track Lawn Care and Landscaping Inc!! They do beautiful work! Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable . They’ve done landscaping at our business and home, they even do snow removal!” Kasey M.

Skid Steer Sandpoint Idaho

We have become the go to General Contractor (RCE-53877) (Nursery license 8696) for complex projects that require a variety of skill sets.

Landscaping, Excavating, hydroseeding and Snow Plowing in Bonner County:

  • Weekly Lawn Care in Sandpoint, Dover, and Sagle area
  • Excavating/Excavation
  • Landscape Design
  • Skid Steer projects
  • Hardscaping
  • Driveway repair
  • Boulder walls
  • Lawn Prep
  • Culvert installs
  • Material placement
  • Water Feature installs
  • Hydroseeding
  • Snow Plowing
Hydroseeding in Sandpoint Idaho
We spend countless hours testing and perfecting our hydroseed mix. We truly believe we have the best all around hydroseed product in the Sandpoint area. We also have an Idaho Spray License which allows us to legally use products that other companies can not use that create a virtually weed free lawn. This picture was taken 10 days after we hydroseeded this property. However good a hydroseed mix there is no substitute for proper watering, soil prep and fertilizing protocols 6 weeks after the install.

Sandpoint Idaho Landscaping

We have worked hard to build a professional landscaping business in Sandpoint and Sagle Idaho. As a professional company that focuses on quality we have brought almost every service in house including hydroseeding, lawn care, skid steer and excavation work and more. This allows us to control projects and provide the best possible outcome. To us a Professional business in the service industry should have clean work trucks, employee uniforms, neat and organized paperwork, and consideration for you and your neighbors.

Excavating near Bull River Montana

We want to make sure that when we pull up to your house that you and your neighbors know that we are there for a legitimate reason and that we will do everything in our power to minimize the disturbance that comes with creating a new landscape. Below are just a few of our work trucks and equipment. Has your landscape or lawn care service provider invested in creating a professional company that you deserve?

Pavers in Sagle Idaho
This is another photo of work in progress. You can see that we use only top of the line plate compactors that evenly bed the pavers to prevent movement and to level out all pavers to a surface as flat as concrete. There is no substitute for investing in the proper and professional tools.

Landscaping and Lawn Care truck Sandpoint IdahoLawn Care Truck Sandpoint Idaho

Paver inlay Sandpoint Idaho
These folks wanted a beautiful charcoal paver in lay. You can also see that there are areas of pavers that are missing. These blank areas are being cut using a cut saw, wet saw and diamond blade grinders to create custom bed planting areas.

Largest Landscape Company in Sandpoint Idaho

New construction homes need Landscaping in Sandpoint

Are you building a new home in the Sandpoint area? Its rare to find a new construction home with the landscape already finished. If you are having a home built then ask your builder to give us a call and we will work in tandem with them to finish the landscape around the same time that the home is completed. We have a ton of experience working with builders to create a fantastic end product.

Boulder walls Sandpoint Idaho
This property has SO MANY boulder walls. Some are formal cut boulder walls and others like this one are in an area that is relatively out of sight. We had to build a parking pad that was about 10′ above the existing grade and we utilized almost every trick in the book to ensure that these rock walls stay where we put them.

Give us a call to see if we can help you with your excavation and landscaping needs. We also have contacts in the area if you are looking for subcontractors in the trades. We have everyone from plumbers, electricians, drywallers, and more.

Beautiful Deck in Sandpoint Idaho
Beautiful Deck in Sandpoint Idaho

Sandpoint Idaho Landscaping Information

If you are looking for landscaping supplies, plants or trees please visit the On Track Garden Center that is open to the public at 1055 Fontaine Dr Ponderay Idaho 83852 which is just across the street from Papa Murphys and is Highway 95 frontage. You can not miss us! Also you can visit the page for our Garden Center in Ponderay.

Dry creek bed Sandpoint Idaho
Creek beds are a tough critter to build properly. There is a fine line of building them in a way that looks like nature created it but also functioning the way it need to. Our equipment crew absolutely NAILED IT on this one. This creek bed is over 500′ long and once the grass comes in along the bank it will look like mother nature her self built this over thousands of years! We could not be more impressed with the quality of work that they did on this project!

To find out about what is happening at Schweitzer Mountain visit Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort

Next Steps for a Great Landscape in Sandpoint…

Contact us at 208-597-3377 to schedule a site visit.

Landscaping Licensing requirements in the State of Idaho

We maintain the proper licenses and registration for your protection.

Our Nursery license number is 8696

Anyone who engages in, conducts, or carries on the business of propagating, growing, selling, dealing in, or importing into Idaho, for sale or distribution, any nursery or florist stock, or engages in the installation of landscape plants, or acts as an agent, salesman, or solicitor for any nurseryman, florist, landscape contractor, or dealer in nursery or florist stock must first obtain a license to do so from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA).

Nature trail in Sandpoint Idaho
We had to eat up an almost 20′ elevation drop and make it look as natural as possible. This “Nature trail” was designed and built to stop erosion from water and to allow access to an accessory dwelling unit on the property. This will be absolutely beautiful once we finish the plantings, trees and grass around it. This nature trail was stabilized with a lot of drain rock underneath it plus geo grid and a few other soil retention techniques. There are landscape companies in the Sandpoint area that do certain things well but these challenging situations is where we really shine.

Idaho Contractor Registration number is RCE-53877

On and after January 1, 2006, it became unlawful for any person, not otherwise exempt (as outlined in the registration act), to engage in contracting, or hold oneself out as a contractor in Idaho without being registered.  It also became unlawful for a contractor to engage another contractor unless such other contractor furnishes proof of being either registered or exempt.  Any person who engages in contracting business or acts as a contractor, whether or not they are registered, is under the jurisdiction of the Idaho Contractors Board. This applies to Landscaping companies, Lawn Care Companies, and basically anyone that works on your home, business, or property unless otherwise exempt.

Lawn Sprinkler System Contractor

Irrigation installs require a State of Idaho Backflow permit. All of our backflow devices are tested by Selkirk Water Services so you have an unbiased 3rd party that verifies our installs are completed to Idaho code.

On Track Lawn Care and Landscaping in Sandpoint is standing by to assist you in whatever you might need, you can call them at 208-597-3377. In addition, if email is more convenient, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible


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