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Hydroseeding in Sandpoint Idaho

Are you looking for Hydroseeding in Sandpoint Idaho or the surrounding area? We have found that the prep work involved in getting a lawn ready for hydroseed is the most important part of obtaining a fantastic lawn. The second most important step is how the lawn is taken care of after the hydroseed is sprayed. Because of this we only hydroseed lawns that we have handled the prep work and also lawns that have an irrigation system installed.

A lot of landscape companies like to use existing soil which in this area is usually high in clay and sometimes high in sand. When we install lawns we always add new topsoil. If someone wants an incredibly high quality lawn we will also add in coarse sand to the topsoil to assist with drainage and to help get the roots deeper. The proportions of sand vs topsoil are incredibly important. If soil has to much sand then on wet years the nutrients will be quickly washed out of the soil.

The actual part of mixing and applying the hydroseed, as long as quality materials and techniques are used, have little affect on the outcome of the lawn. We have done tests by spraying our hydroseed mix on concrete and kept it damp for a couple weeks after and have been able to grow a nice lawn on top of concrete!!! Also at any given time in the spring our hydroseed trailer has a lawn growing on it. The key components being the right amount of water and the right amount of nutrients.

Hydroseeding in Sandpoint and the surrounding area is a cost effective way to get a fantastic lawn. Sod lawns cost upwards of 5 times the amount of lawns that are installed using hydroseeding methods. Hydroseeding is the process of  mixing hydro-mulch which is essentially shredded newspaper or wood fiber, high quality grass seed, starter fertilizer, and a tacking agent if its needed. We then take the mixture and spray it at a very high pressure to allow it to embed into the soil and give it the best chance of rapid and strong growth.

There are a few things that you can do to help ensure a proper lawn is established. Everything starts with the topsoil and it is very important to make sure that the dirt you choose is very high quality and low in clay. A clay based soil can be used to build up a lawn but the last several inches need to be a soil that is higher in organic matter and lower in soil. It also is not a bad idea to add a small amount of coarse sand but it is not a requirement for a good lawn. Once we spray your lawn it is important to keep foot traffic to a minimum and vehicles should not be driven on the lawn at all.

When we first spray your lawn we add a starter fertilizer. It is a good idea to add another fertilizer treatment after the first couple lawn mowings. It is also highly likely that the dirt you put down has weed seed in it. These seeds will have the perfect environment to grow and you will see weeds come up with the grass. This is easily remedied by contacting our office at 208-597-3377 and press the option for our office and we will help arrange a broad leaf treatment to take care of this.

We have been installing high quality landscapes in North Idaho for years and we also have been maintaining them with our professional lawn care crews. Because of this experience we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to growing grass. While a lot of hydroseed companies only hydroseed our installation experience has taught us what needs to happen in order to give you the best lawn possible. Some people just want a quick lawn so they can sell a home and some people want the best yard in the neighborhood. This is the reason that we offer different qualities of hydroseeding materials in the Sandpoint and North Idaho area.

We can also provide follow up services including lawn care after we hydroseed your lawn.

If you are looking for lawn care in the Sandpoint Idaho area then give us a call at 208-597-3377 or visit our lawn care website.






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