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Hydroseeding in Sandpoint Idaho

Let On Track handle all your Hydroseeding needs!

We now have a dedicated hydroseeding crew that has the ability to hydroseed projects of any size. Give us a call at 208-610-2218 to get on the schedule.

We can also provide follow up services including lawn care after we hydroseed your lawn.


Regardless of who you use for hydroseeding we have found certain procedures that work the best.

1. New seed needs to be kept damp all the time until it is established. An irrigation system is highly encouraged. If you do not have an irrigation system in place then someone will need to be home to water at least 2 times a day and sometimes more if it is hot out.

2. You absolutely will have weeds in your new lawn. All dirt in North Idaho and the Sandpoint Idaho area will have weed seed in it and there is no way around this.

3. Your lawn will need a broad leaf treatment after at least 4 cuttings.

4. You will have spots where the grass does not grow in as thick as the rest. This is normal and multiple cuttings will help the grass to spread and fill in.

5. The first few months after hydroseeding will be getting the lawn established and then the lawn will start to get more thick as the grass fills in.

6. The less traffic that is on the seed the better especially if the lawn area has been prepped with a couple inches of soft topsoil. Once established the root system will help to firm up the soil to handle normal traffic.

7. Hydroseeding can be done at almost any time. If the seed is put down to late in the year then it will stay dormant and as soon as temperatures come up in the spring it will start growing.

8. Hiring a professional lawn care company to maintain your new lawn can mean the difference between an amazing lawn and one that needs a lot of work. A professional lawn care company will have the experience to know what height to cut the grass at, when to fertilize, when to overseed and more. They should also be able to adjust your sprinkler heads and repair anything that needs it.

Please call 208-610-2218 to schedule your hydroseed or lawn care project.