Garden Center in Ponderay

Garden Center in Ponderay

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Grand opening March 2021

1055 Fontaine Dr Sandpoint Idaho 83852

Directly across from Papa Murphys and right on Highway 95

208-597-3377 Option 1

Beautiful plants in Sandpoint Idaho

Welcome to the On Track Lawn and Landscape Garden Center in Ponderay Idaho. You might ask yourself why a Landscape and Lawn care company decided to open a Garden Center in Ponderay Idaho? Its pretty simple really. We spent several years fighting to get quality landscape supplies, sending trucks and trailers across the Pacific Northwest to collect plants and trees, and telling our customers that we are having trouble locating what they are wanting.

We talked to other landscape and lawn care companies in the area and also our wonderful customers and came to the realization that there was not a company here that made it a priority to provide the highly sought after products that our customers were wanting, when they needed them, and at prices that made sense.

We are putting a large emphasis on Fruit trees, grapes, berries and more. We also are focusing on vegetables plants and seeds as this is an area that is underrepresented here in the Sandpoint and Ponderay area.

Our pledge to you….if you come support us, we will continue to invest in inventory and product development to be able to provide what you are looking for. This location is a stepping stone be bigger and better things and we will continue to grow the garden center to provide what you need.

Some of our products include:

Monrovia Ponderay Garden Center

Ed Hume Vegetable seeds Ponderay Garden Center

Proven Winners Ponderay Garden Center

Burpee seeds in Ponderay Idaho

Finns Farms Greenhouses and storage sheds built right in here in the Sandpoint Idaho area!

Grennhouse for Sale Sandpoint Idaho

And while it might seem like a small thing, ask anyone who grows their own food how hard it is to find a great source for vegetable seeds. We are committed to sourcing as many options as possible.

We have spent an unbelievable amount of hours creating beautiful and custom landscapes for more customers then we can count. This experience sets us apart from other Garden Centers in the Sandpoint and Ponderay area since we know first hand what products customers want and what will be successful long term in our area.

We have heavily invested in the local area, doing not only volunteer work but also helping other businesses grow. The directors of On Track have been in the Sandpoint area for nearly 30 years and graduated from Sandpoint High School. Not only that but their parents graduated from Sandpoint High! We have completed several volunteer projects with the most prestigious being ALOT of work the Ponderay Dog Park!

If you are a landscape or lawn care contractor we want to talk to you about the products that you need and if you are a home owner or business owner come see us as well and we can get you set up with what you need to create a successful project.

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